gomox is my attempt to build a CLI application for manipulating Proxmox virtual machines.

gomox is also my first serious project written in a compiled language, as well as my first remotely serious attempt at Software Development™ so it’s naturally pretty incomplete and probably what does work is really buggy!

But my real goals here are as follows:

  1. Build a useful CLI tool for working with Proxmox, suitable for scripting and interactive use.
  2. Build a relatively simple tool for bootstrapping Fedora CoreOS virtual machines by supplying an ignition file, which I currently plan to do by (ab)using Cloud-Init features.
  3. Learn some useful programming skills
    4….make friends and connections?!

Side goal: build a CLI tool that’s compatible with Proxmox’s own qm tool, using Tteck’s Proxmox VE Helper Scripts for compatibility testing.

(That’s probably the biggest and most complex third-party project using the qm tool directly.)

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