Tonight I followed Arnold Galovics’ series on Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud and spun up a tiny ARM64 Kubernetes cluster. The really neat thing about this is that it actually all falls under their free tier, so I don’t expect to pay anything for it. In fact, their free tier might actually have enough room to launch two tiny clusters! (A better idea would be a similar cluster with larger nodes, because they presently each have a single Graviton core… so we’re talking like a fraction of a Raspberry Pi in terms of compute strength!)

Even though the compute isn’t strong enough to run anything serious, this should be a great starting point to understand Kubernetes resources and the like. The infrastructure is all orchestrated with Terraform, too, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to build this sort of thing on another platform, too.

My linter (Trunk) was yelling at me about security groups and best practices the entire time, though! This means two things: Trunk has some pretty sweet Terraform support, for one. And also, I could stand to learn a good bit about security groups and the like so I can bring this closer to a model production setup than just a basic lab.

Here’s a link to my live Git repository: https://github.com/b-/oci-k8s

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